Friday, December 12, 2008

Scatterbrain. (As Dead as Leaves.)

I'm walking out in a force ten gale
birds thrown around, bullets for hail
the roof is pulling off by its fingernails
your voice is rapping on my windowsill

yesterday's headlines blown by the wind
yesterday's people end up scatterbrain
any fool can easy pick a hole - I only wish I could fall in
a moving target in a firing range

somewhere I'm not

lightning fuse

It’s a really, really difficult song to describe where it came from, because on the surface it really was just an instant where those things happened. But at the same time there was a lot of other stuff going on that gave it significance. And my favourite type of weather in the whole wide world is extreme winds. I just get really excited. It is a bit dangerous. There was one time where… I have a house in the middle of nowhere and the house next door, the roof blew up and we just watched it and it was exactly like ‘The Wizard of Oz’. It was fantastic. And this was a similar incident in the city. But it’s kind of a love song as well, in a way.
--Thom | XFM | Spring 2003

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